Laia Estruch

Laia Estruch, Jingle, 2011. Foto: Carla Tramullas

Laia Estruch

Jingle. Performance

April, Thursday 25, at 7.30 pm

In her performances, Laia Estruch investigates body language and its relationship to the voice. Through media as disparate as the spoken word, songs, printed paper and even the interaction between her body and inflatable sculptures, her works raise questions about the performative nature of the voice, highlighting the way in which it identifies us and, at the same time, is capable of affecting us emotionally, bodily and even viscerally.

Within The Scenes, the artist reviews a project conceived originally in 2011 for La Capella, under the BCN Producció call. That project is called Jingle: a series of performances and a publication in the form of a music album through which Estruch became known to audiences in Barcelona. The project specifically revolved around that gesture: of making oneself known as an artist, of presenting and representing oneself in front of a real or imaginary spectator. In her Jingle, Estruch performed variations on a jingle inspired by that rite of passage. The artist’s statement; her declaration of intent. Singing to oneself as a paradoxical exercise of resistance to authorial identity.

Original version in Catalan without subtitles
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