Interfícies. Reweaving Cures

From 18 October to 6 November 2022

Interfícies (Interfaces) is a community health and culture platform that promotes collective research processes around the arts, education and citizen participation. The platform has been coordinated by Transductores in various neighbourhoods of the city since 2017, including El Raval, Roquetes, Trinitat Nova and Poble-sec. Throughout this time, it has been led by various agents and developed with local neighbourhood networks and various entities comprising groups of creators. Interfícies has currently been deployed under the scope of “Dialogues between artistic research, community health and social rights” in various community and educational contexts.

This exhibition marks the conclusion of the 2022 programme and presents 5 artistic and community initiatives that examine various ways of reweaving bonds. After a two-year pandemic, including harsh and complex social and community situations with greater inequalities and loss of rights, the various practices presented question what forms of relationships and interdependencies we can reactivate. In a time of supposed normality, we need to rethink how artistic practices can reweave bonds and ways of living together, how they can trigger social rights and other possible imaginaries about ways of residing and being together.

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