Interfícies: Cultural rights and healthy territories

From 28 November until 10 December 2023

Interfícies is a platform for culture and community health that promotes collective research processes around arts, education and citizen participation. The platform has been coordinated by Transductores since 2017 in different neighborhoods of the city: El Raval, Les Roquetes, La Trinitat Nova and El Poble-sec. It is developed with local networks of neighborhoods and groups of creators and creators.

This exhibition, which marks the closing of the 2023 program, presents four artistic and community initiatives that explore different ways of reweaving links to strengthen healthy territories. Projects are shown that propose cultural rights in the form of participation and co-creation linked to social rights, community health, community education and territory. In the ecosocial and systemic crisis in which we are immersed, it is key to think of other forms of links in the territories based on artistic practices and their link with cultural and social rights. These projects serve to reweave ways of life in common, to activate social rights and other possible imaginaries about healthy territories and collective rights.

The exhibition takes place in two venues: mainly in La Capella, with three projects, in parallel to the Centre Cultural Albareda, in El Poble-sec.