Imatges còmplices
Escola Fuga

Imágenes cómplices

Monday 13 September 2021, at 6 pm

The Centre d’Art La Capella is launching a training programme designed on the basis of close collaboration with artists and academic and independent bodies that provide training in art, giving rise to gatherings, presentations, workshops and other processual dynamics alert to the practice of art pursued in the city.

On Monday 13 September, Escola Fuga will be presenting its training programmes run in the 2020-21 academic year. Fuga is a school and research platform specialising in photography that focuses on training courses and research projects that include curatorships, publishing initiatives and creation labs. A co-operative run in a horizontal and collaborative manner, it operates online as well as in physical spaces around the city thanks to a thriving network of alliances between organisations, groups and institutions that share similar aims and principles.

Under the title of Imatges còmplices (Allied Images), Fuga will be presenting the works created in the advanced courses in Creative Documentary and Contemporary Photography, and Project Monitoring, tutored, respectively, by Noelia Pérez and Marta Dahó, as well as Advanced Photography, tutored by Marta Pareja.

Projects by:

Marta Gómez Quintana, Noel Pérez, Coline David, Laia Borràs Cardona, Maria Victoria Acosta, Ramon Aldomà, Marina Fernandez Fernandez, Karina Marin Mora, Ramiro E, Paco Chaves Gil, Pascale Descazeaux, Javier Clemente, Noemi, Francisco “Chisco” Valdes, Salvador Borrego, Brian Rosa, Aina Lütken, Edo Garcia, Mendia Echeverria, Valentina Gall.


The event will be held in La Capella’s main space. If you wish to attend, you must book in advance by email to