iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Can Xalant, El revés de la trama

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

iD+consonni Sondika 09: Jueves Milagro, Consonni

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Priorat Centre d'Art

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Verónica Luyo, María Celeste Venica / ID Dispositiu Itinerant, Cercant parents

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Anna Recasens, Topografia sensible

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Basurama, Spermöla a Manresa. Botiga gratis oficial

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Democracia, Subtextos Manresa

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Tomás Ruiz-Rivas, Centro Portátil de Arte Contemporáneo

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

Patrick Raddatz, Disjecta

Collective exhibition

iD#5 Ciutats Intervingudes

From July 15 to September 12, 2010. Collective exhibition. Idensity

Idensitat is an art project developed in various cities with the intention of providing the tools to coordinate creative projects that influence the public sphere in relation to the region. Establishing a production and research network, this platform acts within the field of artistic creation in order to experiment with new forms of involvement and interaction in different social settings.

This exhibition brings together several projects that were part of the fifth edition of Idensitat. They were developed in Calaf, Manresa, Mataró, Sondika, El Priorat and Barcelona. The interventions that took place in each of these cities included creative activities of varying size and scale; each with their own unique targets but also aimed at influencing aspects that deal with collective actions that take place locally.

On the whole, they represent artistic experiences that seek specific negotiation elements within local contexts, striving for a mutual exchange of knowledge while remaining open to the creative potential of every participant. A series of activities were carried out parallel to these actions, including workshops, public interventions (in both rural and urban spaces), energising dynamics, the creation of forums to debate local and guest proposals for action; past experience was discussed and we managed to expose some of the conflict latent in the public sphere. In this exhibition, this collection of projects created in different places and at different times aspires to a way of relating to one another and to turn this space-time into processes, a common ground.

More and more, Idensitat is becoming a keystone in the network of project relations, local areas and people that consider creative dynamics a way to intervene and affect social spaces. For this reason, "iD#5: Ciutats Intervingudes" presents artists and collective projects as well as mediating projects and production spaces as a whole. They make up a network that allows for the coexistence of a variety of creative processes with a similar transformative drive, influencing towns, neighbourhoods and cities little by little, while creating pressure on the future of cultural politics.


Exhibition participants
Basurama, Can Xalant – Rogelio López Cuenca, consonni (Xelo Bosch and Cyrille Larpenteur), Democracia, Domènec, Walter Gam, Horitzó TV (Clara Garí, Hugo Barbosa, Pamela Gallo, Alex Muñoz, Félix Pérez-Hita), Verónica Luyo-María Celeste Venica, Priorat Centre d'Art, Patrick Radiate, Anna Recasens, Tomás Ruiz Rivas, VideoDiàlegs (Oriol Fontdevila, Laia Ramos, Xavier Gil Dalmau).

iD Calaf / Barcelona neighbourhood
Jardins Temporals a Calaf project workshop coordinated by: Josep-Maria Martín in collaboration with Jean Nicolas Fauchille
iD Barri Raval project workshop with KUNSTrePUBLIK (Markus Lohmann, Harry Sachs, Philip Horst, Daniel Seiple, Matthias Einhoff)
iD Barri Traces of Autism project workshop (Jozua Zaagman, Maartje Dros, Jacqueline Schoemaker).

Participants and creators of the work carried out in the workshops
Juan Aizpitarte, Dimas Agudo, Maria Aparicio, Mauricio Aquilar, Elena Azzeddin, Aida Bañeras, Iria Beltrán, Eduardo Blanco, Emanuela Bove, Naomi Bueno, Maria Calvo, Verónica Cantero, Guillermo Cantillo, Marta Carrasco, Maria Cedo, Banu Çiçek, Ana Cortes, Adrián Crescini, Angelica Cuadros, Marcos Cuesta, Arturo Dávila, Urko Diaz, Aida Elias, Abigail Empez, Laura Font, Julia Adam, Eva Garrido, Aloma Giralt, Eva Goenaga, Berta González, Paula González, Evanguelina Guerra, Fernando Hidalgo, Irune Jiménez, Arantza Lacasa, Laura Lara, Carolina Lopez, Lorena Lozano, Maria Lucas, Andreas Manenti, Maria del Mar Roldán, Ester Márquez, Andres Martínez, Maria Martínez, Carolina Mila, Daniela Monterrossa, Yera Moreno, Belen Orta, Carla Pagluica, Jesús Palomino, David Peña, Toledo Pérez, Maria Pia, Marta Raventos, Natalia Royo Parache, Lore Pardón, Marc Piqué, Antoni Puig, Mercè Ramos, Romina Rebolledo, Inés Salpicó, Laia Segura, Anita Serrano, Liron Shua, Alexandra Souza, Amalia Speratti, Eulàlia Suñé, Arena Tarres, Gracia Teixidor, Maria Terkenli, Gaizka Ugalde, Meg Vandezande, Noelia Varela, Maria Valldeperez, Guillem Vilamala, Ivonne Villamil, Raquel Villar, Madalena Yglesias, Estíbaliz Yuguero, Erika Yurre.

Idensitat is supported by Manresa City Hall, Calaf City Hall, the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Culture and Communication Media and Barcelona Provincial Council.
Projects developed in collaboration with Can Xalant (Centre for Contemporary Creation and Investigation in Mataró), Priorat Centre d'Art, Prat de Llobregat City Hall, Consonni (Sondika), La Capella (Barcelona) and Hangar (Barcelona, member of Xarxaprod, network of creative production centres).
In collaboration with Artwork'09 (Catalan Ministry of Labour, European Social Fund and Barcelona Provincial Council), Goethe Institute Barcelona, Consulate of the Netherlands, Elisava School of Design. 

Management: Ramon Parramon
Team: Maral Mikirditsian | Quim Moya | Núria Parés | Anna Recasens | Eva Quintana
Design and graphics: Jang Sub Lee

Selection committee: Francesca Comisso (independent curator, member of the a.titolo collective and professor at the Turin Polytechnic University) | Iris Dressler i Hans D. Christ (directors of WKV Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart) | Daniel García Andújar (artist) | Ramon Parramon (artist and director of Idensitat) | Martí Peran (independent curator and full professor at the Barcelona University).






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