tresvecesdijefuego marta echaves
Marta Echaves

I Said Fire Three Times

Research project

Tres veces dije fuego (I Said Fire Three Times) is a triptych that addresses the relationship between fire and the body in different epochs and from different perspectives as a way to raise questions about the practice of bioresistance, the invention of disease, and destruction and its surplus value. The keys to this project are the body that self-immolates, fire as a metaphor for a disease that locks bodies in, and the territory as a body available to be set on fire. The underlying questions that drive this research are violence, the problems associated with its representation and the need to find mechanisms of restitution.


Marta Echaves is interested in the intersection between research, writing and artistic practice. Her projects seek to revisit images and metaphors associated with particular contexts in time, placing at their heart personal experience and collections of anecdotes as triggers of poetic devices of memory in order to formulate collective practices of grief and restitution. Her projects in recent years include La contrarrevolucion de los caballos, De las achenzas and Confiad en la piedad química.

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