Fito Conesa, Alicia Santamaría, Pedro Torres

Homesession - La Capella. Concèntric Program

Wednesday 27 October, 17 November and 1 December 2021

La Capella is embarking on a partnership with Homesession that encompasses three activities for learning more about the artistic practice of three of the artists associated with the programming of this independent organisation that has been supporting contemporary art in Barcelona for more than fourteen years.

The first three artists invited to give talks and run workshops at La Capella are Fito Conesa, Alicia Santamaría and Pedro Torres.

All three have benefited from the Exchange mobility grants awarded each year by Homesession that enable artists from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to take up production residencies abroad (in Italy, France, Serbia and Quebec).

The activities are free of charge and previous registration is required at:

This season marks the launch of Concèntric, a public programme that forges relationships with other artistic spaces.


Calendar of activities


Wednesday 27 October, 6.00-8.00 pm

Fito Conesa

Workshop: Talking Landscape

Fito Conesa is an artist-in-residence at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya with the support of Homesession and ARTefACTe. He is also the winner of the Exchange/Quebec grant and will take up a residence at L’Écart in Quebec in 2022.

In this workshop on voice figures entitled Talking Landscape, Conesa will teach us how to create voice flowers by translating sound into images with the help of foodstuffs such as coffee and milk. We will learn about visual music, a field of experimentation that developed in the late nineteenth century and which sought to generate colours and forms using music, and how to replicate the experiments of pioneers in this technique, among them Margaret Watts Hughes (United Kingdom, 1842-1907).


Wednesday 17 November, 7.00 pm

Alicia Santamaría

Artist’s talk

Alicia Santamaría, an artist from the Balearic Islands, won the 2021 Exchange/Italy grant to take up a two-month-long artistic residency at the Licenza Musei / L’Aquila Reale (Licenza, Italy) specialising in heritage, nature and the landscape.

Alicia Santamaría (Palma, 1994) graduated in fine art from the University of Barcelona in 2016. In 2017, she completed a residency on Menorca (Illes d’Art 3, Es Far Cultural) and in 2018 also showed work in a group exhibition at the Casal Solleric. Since 2019, she has shared her practice as an artist-in-residence in a primary school as part of the Espais C programme.


Wednesday 1 December, 7.00 pm

Pedro Torres

Artist’s talk

Pedro Torres is the winner of the 2021 Exchange/France grant awarded by Homesession. Torres is currently undertaking a two-month-long residency ending in late November at art3 (Valence, France).

Pedro Torres focuses his artistic practice on issues related to the concepts of time, distance, memory, language and the image and uses a range of media to pursue his works and research projects. He has recently shown work at The Green Parrot (Barcelona), Casal Solleric (Palma de Mallorca), Centro Párraga (Murcia), Casa Seat Barcelona, Chiquita Room (Barcelona), Fabra i Coats: Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, OTR. Espacio de Arte (Madrid), Dilalica (Barcelona), CaixaForum Barcelona and BIENALSUR (Buenos Aires), among others. He has been awarded a number of prizes and grants, such as a Fundació ”la Caixa” Production Grant (2020), research grants from the Generalitat de Catalunya Ministry of Culture (2020 and 2013), the production prize awarded by the Sala d’Art Jove in Barcelona (2013) and a grant from the Fundación Botín (2007). He was also shortlisted for the Antoni Gelabert City of Palma Prize for the Visual Arts in 2020. He has pursued artistic residences in Skagaströnd (Iceland), Seoul (South Korea), Berlin (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain). He lives and works in Barcelona, where he is an artist-in-residence at Hangar, a centre for visual art production and research.



Homesession has been supporting creation in the realm of the visual arts since 2007 and offers a residency open to international artists, production grants for Spanish artists and an educational programme, Polaritats. In its constant effort to support artists and to promote art, Homesession welcomes proposals that feature a diverse range of media and practices, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary experimentation.

Homesession endeavours to complement the work of the institutions in Barcelona’s art scene and embraces projects that are bold and innovative in content as well as in their format and aesthetic, thereby providing space for ground-breaking work and approaches.

In order to promote the mobility of Spanish artists, Homesession launched its Exchange programme in 2014 in partnership with THIS studio (United Kingdom), art3 (France), Belgrade Air (Serbia), L’Écart (Quebec) and, since 2021, L’Aquila Reale (Italy).


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