Carmen de Ayora

Goat Becomes an Owlet

From 17 January to 9 April 2023. Espai Capella

In the manner of a fable, Cabra se convierte en Mochuela (Goat Becomes an Owlet) is a proposal in which animals and their place in nature (those that fly, those that slither, etc.) are the support for the narrative. The body of the woman melts on this journey to tell her tale. Between nature and culture and towards desire. The continuous and unstoppable transformation of the body that seeks to overcome its own limits. The insatiable tranquillity of the critical will in an installation of exploded images.


Carmen de Ayora has spent most of her career outside the art system, with just a few forays into it that include exhibitions in Valencia, Madrid, Paris and Belgium, and in Barcelona at Can Sisteré, Galería Alegría, etHALL, Halfhouse, Fabra i Coats and La Escocesa, where she is currently enjoying a period as artist in resident, working in poverty in her materials and in cahoots with her artist neighbours. The use of abstract thinking as a device to confront reality; a dialogue given expression in drawing, painting and text in the leap towards sculpture.

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