Generació 2010. Beques d'art Caja Madrid
Group exhibition

Generació 2010. Beques d'art Caja Madrid

From March, 10 to May, 2, 2010. Caja Madrid Art Awards

Obra Social Caja Madrid presents Generació 2010. Caja Madrid Art Awards, a project dedicated to the support, promotion and diffusion of young artists from our country.

This new edition presents the works of the six scholarship projects, developed by the artists throughout 2009. Aware of the ability of art to raise awareness and delve deeper into the problems of our world, artists deal with issues such as diaspora and disarray triggered by racial, political or social motives, self-sufficient architecture, the integration of foreign collections into our country, the reconstruction of family memory, the concept of time in photography, the configuration of identity or the reflection on some aspects of our recent history. 

For this reason, there use different media, such as sculpture-installation, video, video-installation, photography and all types of documentation.

Lucía Antonini, Patirke Arenillas, Nerea de Diego, Matías Costa, Patricia Esquivias, Francisca López, Santaella

Oliva María Rubio

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