EN RESiDÈNCiA a La Capella
STA and Núria Inés

EN RESiDÈNCiA in La Capella

From 25 May to 11 June 2023

Nubes negras (Black Clouds)

STA EN RESiDÈNCiA at the Institut Narcís Monturiol

With Ana Andújar, Sheila Valderrama, David Caldera, Berta del Castillo, Daniela Jaramillo, Lucía López, Andrea Padilla, Kiancy Reyes and Yudier Welcher, all pupils in their fourth year of compulsory secondary education, and the teacher Sara Elías. With mediation by Marc Balfagon (L’Afluent).


Projector mental (Mental projector)

Núria Inés (Tinta Fina) EN RESiDÈNCiA at the Institut Vall d'Hebron

With Antony Mauricio Benítez Centeno, David Josué Betances Agramonte, Izan de la Fuente de Castro, Janis Fuentes Sepúlveda, Mario García Lamata, Oumaima Ghouli, Ferdaus Jaddi Agrad, Walid Jaddi Agrad, Susan Maldonado Vera, Vivian Odeth Mejia Luque, Pol Mumbrú Martínez, Mia Rincon Serrano, Mariama Sadio Mané, Greta Santana Romero, Nayara Torres Gómez and Héctor Yébenes Iglesias, all pupils in their fourth year of compulsory secondary education, and the teachers Rafael Lamas and Júlia Turró. With mediation by Neus Masdeu (Experimentem amb l’ART).


La Capella presents two creative processes that were developed as part of the 14th edition (September 2022 – May 2023) of its Artists EN RESiDÈNCiA at Barcelona secondary schools programme. Black Clouds and Mind Projector are the result of the shared workspace between artists, students and teachers from two public secondary schools over the course of an entire academic year during school hours.

Black Clouds is a sound and visual collage that encapsulates the residency of Pablo Volt (STA) at the Institut Narcís Monturiol (Montbau). It is a work that shows, in multiple layers, the various frames of mind that we have been through during this period, as well as the tensions, interests, common ground and points of convergence.

Mind Projector uses expanded drawing and fanzines to formulise all that emerged in the many attempts by Núria Inés (Tinta Fina) and the group of students at the Institut Vall d’Hebron to link their brains to the classroom projector. A light channel that amplifies thoughts, memories and obvious yet transcendent things.

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STA is a dub band based in Barcelona that has been active since 2004. It has released and self-released more than ten albums in various formats: CD-R, CD, cassette, vinyl and digital, and has performed at festivals such as Sonar and Primavera Sound. But far more important for the band, it has also done so in countless squats, cultural associations, charity events and popular festivals, in other words, in the grassroots cultural fabric of the city.

STA works within a range of sound by using a wide variety of influences. Notable among these are punk, because of its approach to music and rebellious aspect; Jamaican roots music, because of its beat and the way it produces music with an almost infinite imagination; free jazz, and Afrofuturism, as an imaginary of freedom, in addition to the most experimental electronic music as a tool for sound expansion.

Aspects such as repetition, the minimalism of elements to construct a piece, self-management in production processes and sound collage can all be found in STA’s work. A little like if Dub Syndicate had come across Scientist in a DIY squat of Barcelona artists, STA evolves outside the codes of dub. Simultaneously classic and ultra-modern, the band takes instrumental reggae to the limit. Its music recovers the essence of dub masters like Dennis Bovell or Lee Perry without losing sight of how it likes to follow the times of Sun Ra, free jazz, experimental electronica, punk and a long etcetera of sound sensibilities.


Núria Inés (Tinta Fina)

Nuria Inés






Núria Inés (Barcelona, 1987), aka Tinta Fina, works with visual storytelling and expanded comics as tools for generating communication and knowledge. She approaches the personal life narratives of others in her projects in order to seek opportunities to transcribe within the narration of experience critical readings of everyday contexts with which she directly connects. This way of working leads to actions that combine visual narratives with encounters, rituals, dialogic learning, outings, interviews, experiences and so on – shared time.

She is currently artist-in-residence at La Escocesa (where her studio has been housed since 2021) and has recently exhibited at Homesession as part of its Invited programme. She participated in the Bienal Arte Joven in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2019 thanks to a two-month residency at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, organised by Hangar. She carried out two actions in this setting to coincide with ‘biennial territory’ week: Dibujo de tu vida and Pasasfalto.

She won one of the Sala d’Art Jove prizes awarded by the Catalan Government in 2018 for the project Canción para Consuelo and was also able to participate in a stay at the Corniolo Art Platform in Florence (Italy) with this project.

She is a member of Colectivo Julio, with whom she mediates the production of the outsider artist Julio Julián as a pretext to stress issues such as class, legitimisation and sexual identity, and with whom she participated in the El arte irreductible exhibition curated by Mery Cuesta, held at the former La Model prison and CA2M’s Universidad Popular.

She often participates by cooperating as a visual reporter in projects by other artists or collectives. Such was the case of the Médiums project by the DU-DA collective, Els enemics del Poble i l’Infern by Lluc Mayol, or Implosió impugnada 26 by Rafael Tormo, among others.

She combines her artistic work with education and visual storytelling in several programmes (‘Draw, copy and distribute’ educational mediation workshops at MACBA and IntersECCions programme in El Prat de Llobregat), and teaching young people at the Escuela de Artes Visuales in El Prat.


Activities associated with La Capella EN RESiDÈNCiA:

25 May at 6 pm, public presentation of Black Clouds, STA EN RESiDÈNCiA at the Institut Narcís Monturiol, and Mind Projector, Núria Inés / Tinta Fina EN RESiDÈNCiA at the Institut Vall d’Hebron.