Àlex Muñoz


Digital Environment. Barcelona Producció 2017

Eixams explores the territories of beekeeping in an experimental encounter with the visual arts and video documentary-making. From this, we can extract manifestations of the behaviour of the life of bees expressed in shared formats of knowledge, research and healthcare for the hive in order to facilitate the work of the beekeeper by means of devices and experiments designed specifically for research purpose. The resulting data is displayed by means of an audio-visual installation.

Àlex Muñoz is a video maker, streamer and photographer. He specialises in the third sector, collaborating with NGOs, associations and foundations that work to combat inequality and social exclusion. His works have been shown and screened in numerous venues, among them the Generali Foundation (Vienna), the White Chapel Gallery (London), Fadaiat (Tarifa), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), the CECUT (Tijuana Cultural Centre), the CCMEX (Cleantech Cluster Mexico) in Mexico City, the Shedhalle (Zurich), the Casa Árabe (Madrid), the Goethe Institute in Bulgaria and the Cibeles Cultural Centre (Madrid), and in exhibitions such as OVNI at the CCCB (Barcelona) Trans-Inmigración (Zaragoza), and Space Invaders at the MACBA (Barcelona).

Eixams, d'Àlex Muñoz (V.O.S.English)
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