Demo / Pau Magrané
Demo / Pau Magrané
Demo / Pau Magrané
Demo / Pau Magrané
Pau Magrané


From April 27 to June 12, 2016. Espai Cub. BCN Producció'16

Demo is an audiovisual concert in which reappropriation of sounds and sculptural vision play a key role. The concert establishes the Espai Cub as a sound stage/instrument, an echo chamber hosting different screenings and objects to be played by PLOM at the opening but which will remain throughout the exhibition, inviting the public to interact with them if they wish. The result is an installation in which the objects and video game screening play a decisive visual role and the sound output from their use an even stronger one, shaping an objectual sound space.



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Cafè Schilling


Circuit d'Art contemporani de Barcelona