De la Ceca a la Meca
Quim Pujol

De la Ceca a la Meca

Saturday 11 May, at 7 pm / Sunday 12 May, at noon

Presenting a previously unseen work arising from an obsessive combing of demonyms ranging from “British punctuality” to “Indian file” and including “oranges from China”. Quim Pujol’s idea is a kind of scramble – a kind of remixing and concatenation – of demonyms that progressively draw a map and form unforeseen associations. This map begins as a geographical outline and leads to a visual cartography that reveals the arbitrary, grotesque nature of linguistic expressions associated with places, as well as the prejudices, histories and ideologies underpinning their continued use in language. The geographical anchors of the imagination thus appear, as does the extent of this habitual language of put-downs associated to territories. His performance reveals the volatile distinctions between what is here and what is there. Indispensable questioning within a display “of context”.

Saturday 11 May, at 7 pm, and Sunday 12 May, at noon.

*Punctuality is requested. Once the performance starts there will be no admittance.

**Limited places. Please send an email if you are interested in attending at


Artistic support: Cuqui Jerez

Assistant: Leonardo Montes

Thanks to: Anna Manubens, Marc Vives, Fernando Gandasegui, Alex Gracia, María Jerez, Juan Domínguez, Mireia Sallarès, Eva Serra, Jorge Dutor, Guillem Mont de Palol, Mònica Pascual, Toni Hervàs, Claudia Pagès, Andrea Rodrigo, Esther Doblas and Oriol Fontdevila.

Quim Pujol (1978) works in the limits among writing, live art and the visual arts. His most recent works are ASMR del futuro (2015), Fregoli (2016) and Verde croma (2017). He has co-edited along with Ixiar Rozas the volume Ejercicios de ocupación. Afectos, vida y trabajo (Cuerpo de Letra, 2015). He curated the Secció Irregular at the Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) between 2011 and 2015 and he has taught in numerous artistic training programs both in Spain and abroad.

Original version in Catalan without subtitles
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