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Corazón 190, Carolina Bonfim
Corazón 190, Carolina Bonfim
Corazón 190, Carolina Bonfim
Carolina Bonfim

Corazón 190 / Heart 190

From October 16 to November 9, 2013. Projecte deslocalitzat. BCN Producció'13

Corazón 190 (Heart 190), by Carolina Bonfim, is one of the projects selected in the delocalised project category, to be executed beyond the premises of La Capella, within the framework of BCN Producció 2013.

Carolina Bonfim (São Paulo, 1982) is a visual artist and performer. She holds an MA in Artistic Production and Research and is currently pursuing a PhD in Advanced Studies in Artistic Production at the University of Barcelona. Her work revolves around the codes that govern gestures and the possibilities of representing the body, in questioning the gaze and presence thereof. Interpersonal relationships, voyeurism, alterity and the relationship with the audience are recurring themes, formalised in installations, performances, drama, dances and videos.

Corazón 190 proposes various sessions of a performance conceived for a single viewer-participant. Pushing the boundaries of convention, this “audience of one” format incorporates elements that parody, expand or reappropriate the representation of self and the other.

Based on the interstices and the interdependence in the relationship between artist and audience, the project redefines the performance as a device and methodology open to the shifts of power through the active involvement of the user.



Carolina Bonfim



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