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Concèntric: La Capella / Nyamnyam: Si no vols pols no vinguis a l’era. Acció 01

Saturday 7 May 2022, noon to 7 pm. Espai Nyamnyam (Mieres, Girona)

As part of the Concèntric program, La Capella is collaborating with Nyamnyam, within "If you don't want dust, don't come to the plot", which Nyamnyam organises in its space in Mieres (Girona).

Nyamnyam is a space and collective, created in 2012 by artists Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodríguez. The programming of "If you don't want dust, don't come to the plot" is structured around a day that allows you to spend the day enjoying various transdisciplinary proposals; stage shows, vermouth in the plot with the artists, exhibitions, concerts in the shade of the walnut tree, presentations of publications, outdoor lunch, and lots of different proposals that complete each of the days.

Action1 (Saturday 7 May 2022, noon to 7 pm)

Morir guai - DU-DA (Sarai Cumplido, Belén Soto, Sonia G. Villar and Clara Piazuelo).

Agrilogística - Gerard Ortín. Audiovisual installation (open all day)

Vermouth-talk with artists

Lunch by nyamnyam (local products Collbahi, Can Torrent, Forn Casals)

Presentation (dance) of the DV publication - Quim Bigas

Listening session in the shade of the walnut tree - Música Errónea; Jesus Asenjo and Andreu Cunill


Dying Cool: Rituals of Transition is an investigation by DU-DA into the prevailing discourses on death, illness and ageing and their counter-narratives. It involves recovering critical voices of the politics of death, as well as voices that inform us about other cosmological models and rites related to this transformation. Western culture has suppressed the rituals of passage that symbolise death and change. Although the Church has its own ceremonies, they have fallen into disuse and fail to challenge us. Moreover, the asepsis and bureaucratisation of the intermediary institutions of death deprive us of the proximity required to ritualise it and connect with the spiritual and magical emanating from the corpse. Is it possible to hack these institutions? What knowledge do we rely on when it comes to organising our own rituals in relation to death and transformation?

Agrilogística (Agrilogistics) is an exhibition by Gerard Ortin about the uses of automation and imaging technologies within the context of industrial agriculture and horticulture. It is an invitation to a sensory journey in which the role of high-tech greenhouses in ecological transformations and the future of food production is explored through the moving image. The exhibition proposal revolves around an installation that suggests a shift from the hypnotic, kinetic space of the assembly line to a dreamlike space of the plant, animal and machine world. Image production and agro-industrial production are indiscernible from each other in a show about the very production of images, about cameras that film cameras, about images that become amalgams of data, about non-human actors that call into question the very notion of fiction.

Presentation of DV publication. Quim Bigas has been in contact with the “archives” of the Mercat de les Flors and La Porta (Barcelona), which ceased its activity in 2012. From then until today, these archives have been, practically, at rest. The moment a body comes in contact with an archive, different themes and visions unfold, providing triggers for reflection on the records themselves and the policies around them. The very accumulation of documents in these contexts opens up the ways of stage creation as well as the different temporalities that emerge between them. The publication presented is a transcript of two performative lectures held during 2018 and 2019 around the Mercat de les Flors and La Porta archives, which are no longer active. The lectures open up various approaches to archives and artistic practices as a crossroads between different times. The paper publication is led by Quim Bigas and has been done with Raquel Tomàs and Roger Adam.

Música Errònia. As Brice Parain says to the prostitute Nana, played by Anna Karina in Jean Luc Goddard's Vivre Sa Vie: "You have to know how to accept that you have to go through the error to get to the truth". These could be the subtitles of the music performed by Jesús and Andreu, members of this musical group that is currently being formed in a duo, and it is likely that this will continue to be the case. They are accompanied by a lot of weird instruments, which handle between mastery and chance, little skill and ingenuity and, above all, all the gravity of the past and the fury of the present. They roam the world without a name (why to have one?). Or better yet, they prefer to have an itinerant, ephemeral name. After some deliberation after intense musical meetings, they conclude that they are interpreting this dream as erroneous music.



Espai Nyamnyam

Carrer Can Caló 38

Mieres 17830 (Girona)



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