Poéticas del objeto. Installation + action. Aggtelek
Poéticas del objeto. Installation + action. Aggtelek
Little Heathens Spoken Word. Lobregat Balaguer
Little Heathens Spoken Word. Lobregat Balaguer
Aggtelek, R. Marcos Mota, Lobregat Balaguer

ClaResil 2012mg. Poetic actions

May 9, 2012. Poetic actions

Poéticas del objeto. Installation + action Aggtelek In a revisitation that alludes to relic exhibitions, curiosity showcases or anthropology museums, this surface is host to objects inspired by the authors' subjective social ideas about today's world. Each one comes from and is related to a social response idea, mood or attitude. Media, consumption, design, art history and, in general, capitalist policy debris come together in a joint narration via the information labels of each product. For the opening, a live text action will be held; an expanded product of the installation. Lanzar un travesti al espacio (dramatised adaptation) Performance R. Marcos Mota A dramatised adaptation of the text Lanzar un travesti al espacio by the author himself. It is a description of a return journey, whose movement can be interpreted as the application of a rescue gesture to the relationship we have with fetishism and subjectivity. Through a biographical classification and a physical metaphorisation of the journey narrated, the artist proposes assimilable examples as manoeuvres of social contact or resistance. Little Heathens Spoken Word Lobregat Balaguer This bilingual English-Spanish Spoken Word, an extension of the author's first book and conceptualised in conjunction with the Philippine-American poet Karen Castillo, was presented to the public for the first time at Casa Asia (April 2011) as part of the Madrid programme La Noche de los Libros. The performance, revisited now with new sound and visual resources, is a short journey full of small irreverences, traversing prose until reaching poetry, and finally decanting towards a rather more musical order.



Lobregat Balaguer www.officeocd.com 

R. Marcos Mota http://rmarcosmota.com/ 

Aggtelek (Xandro Vallès i Gemma Perales, Barcelona, 2004) www.aggtelek.net



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