Taula Rodona Construint la ciutat multiespècies

Picture: Ferran López, Egretta garzetta (Little egret), 2021. Llobregat River Delta

Round Table

Building the Multispecies City. Rethinking urban cohabitation with the Llobregat Delta

Saturday 27 November 2021, at 5 pm

Building the Multispecies City offers a space for rethinking the model of cohabitation in the city of Barcelona and beyond in response to the dynamics that are contributing to the precariousness of human and non-human life. The round table brings together agents who have local, agroecological, technical, scientific and land-related expertise. With them, we will analyse the complexity of life in the Llobregat Delta, the connections between culture and nature, subjects and objects, and the heroes and those left behind by progress.

The activity is an initiative of the Working group on the hybrid ecologies of the Llobregat Delta, a transdisciplinary research office that promotes artistic creation, mediation and experimentation projects in the Llobregat delta. The group believes that in order to achieve multispecies sustainability, we need to reconsider urban life from a point of view that takes into account non-human agency. Consequently, it cultivates new forms of attentiveness to different life forms that inhabit the delta, and builds narratives that provide new modes of understanding, relation and responsibility in a diverse world.

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Ferran López. Professional ornithologist, Consorci per a la Gestió i Protecció dels Espais Naturals Delta del Llobregat

Olivier Chantry. Farmer at Cal Notari and Head of Climate Change and Biodiversity for the Unió de Pagesos in Baix Llobregat

Andrea Conte. Member of Ni un Pam de Terra, a neighbourhood platform that campaigns to protect the land in El Prat de Llobregat

Narcís Prat. Professor Emeritus of Ecology, Universitat de Barcelona. Researcher and founding member of the research group Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management (FEHM)

Christian Alonso, Vicky Benítez, Ferran Lega, Eduardo Ruiz and Chiara Sgaramella. Researchers of the Working group on the hybrid ecologies of the Llobregat Delta

Director, coordinator and moderator: Christian Alonso

Context: Multispecies Imaginaries curatorial project (Centre d’Art La Capella, 3 February – 30 April 2022)

In-person and remote

Prior registration required at lacapella@bcn.cat


Live streaming here (V.O. catalan):

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