Cossos aigua
Route by Vicky Benítez and Ferran Lega

Bodies of Water, Land, Climate, Flesh, Feelings and Meanings: A Walk through the Llobregat Delta

Saturday 9 April 2022, 10:30am-1:30pm

A route that covers five points of the Llobregat River and makes visible and audible complex trans-species links, wetland fragility, the vital role played by bodies of water in an amphibious ecosystem, and ecosystemic disorders caused by the neoliberal development model of the city of Barcelona. The route focuses on listening carefully to aquatic environments and their surroundings and on the phenomenon of invasive species. The aim is to understand that the sonification of space stems from the worlds constructed by species rather than humans, and that the institutional conceptualisation of the invasive organism prevents us from holding humans responsible for the destruction of the planet.

Venue: Espais Naturals del Delta del Llobregat.

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