Novembre a LaCapella BLOCS & CLUBS
Novembre a LaCapella BLOCS & CLUBS
Novembre a LaCapella BLOCS & CLUBS


November, from 12 to 15, 2009


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November in LaCapella
Conferences on creation, blogosphere and netTV

Blogs: Are we going to new ways of sharing and sharing knowledge? Are the new tools enough for bringing us from monologues to dialogues? Blogs & Clubs seeks out the place where cooperation and community participation take place, based on the practice of blogs.

Clubs: What use do creators of the new creation tools, free software and social networks on the Internet? What are the real possibilities for creators for producing content and finding funding for their projects in the digital audiovisual industry?

NetTV: What has been the experience of horizontal television on the Internet over the last three years? What about participation in the creation, production of content and the dissemination of social projects of community television?

Blogs & Clubs is a new chapter of the research on the possibilities of a horizontal netTV that we started three years ago with HoritzóTV in La Capella. This year the event focuses on the most recent news of the blogs while showing the first results of the HoritzóTV association in a context in which we continue to question the horizontal participation in audiovisual communication, our challenge and main problem.


Thursday 12th of November

4.30 pm Presentation of the conference

5 pm Dialogues "NetTV and horizontal projects" with Antonia Folguera and Clara Garí
- Ramon Parramon, Idensitat, Catalonia.
- Eva Cruells i Águeda Bañón SurtTV, Barcelona.
- Laura Malinverni and David Batlle, MinipimerTV, Barcelona.

7pm HoritzoTV,
'Participovisual o pedir peras al olmo' program, Pamela Gallo. A program on participation and creation strategies in the world of audiovisual education.

8pm Conference "From Chaplin to Julio Iglesias: success, audience, money and creators in the network society", Gonzalo Martin, Madrid.

Saturday, November 14

11:00 am Presentation "The Cosmonaut: a movie co-produced by hundreds of people from just two euros," Nicolás Alcalá and Bruno Teixidor, Madrid.

12:00 p.m. Conference "Where the hearings take us. The online media in front of the new cultural practices of the hearings: collaboration and participation. The stories in the eye of the semiotic storm, "Pablo Mancini, Argentina.

13.30 pm HoritzóTV, program The Deferred Property, Félix Pérez-Hita
"We must place culture beyond intellectual property, not focusing on the notion of money but on those of gift, respect and exchange," Rick Prelinger. A look at intellectual property as a gift and as an instrument of respect and exchange.

5.30 pm Presentation "Malviviendo.comuna serie para la netTV", Antonio J. Domínguez, Sevilla.

6.30 pm HoritzóTV, talk show, Shared Folder, Antonia Folguera. From the set, Antonia Folguera talks through videoconferencing with the guests of different cities. Emerging talent and the idea of ​​community between artists who reside in different places, but who work the same disciplines, are united with the contributions of the spectators to build a real shared folder.

8:00 p.m. Conference "Blogs, online TV and digital proximity. The p2p models: a necessity? ", Josep Jordana. //

Sunday, November 15th

11.30 pm Dialogues "NetTV and horizontally projects". Talk with Félix Pérez-Hita, NeokinokTV, Barcelona.

12.30 pm Roundtable "Participation in horizontal television: aspects of social participation on the Internet".
- Isidor Fernández, Citilab, Cornellà.
- Lluís Carbonell, Barcelona.
- Laura Bergès, Okupem les ones.
- Pamela Gallo, HoritzóTV, http://horitzo.TV
- Luciana Fleischman, SurtTV, http: //
- Nicolás Alcalá and Bruno Teixidor, Riot Cinema, Madrid.
- Antonio J. Domínguez, Malviviendo.comSevilla.

2 pm Closing
Commissioner and moderation: Clara Garí

HoritzóTV, Idensitat, SurtTV, REMC, NeokinokTV,, Okupem les ones.

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