Acte d’entrega del Premi Art Nou 2022

Award ceremony for the Art Nou Prize 2022

Saturday 3 September 2022, at 7 pm

We would like to invite you to the award ceremony for the Art Nou Prize 2022 presented by La Capella (ICUBInstitut de Cultura de Barcelona), to be held on Saturday 3 September at 7 pm at La Capella (C/ Hospital, 56).

The prize will be awarded by this year’s Art Nou Jury, whose members include Mercedes Ros, Asier Tapia, Alex G. Molner and Marc Vives. Quico Peinado, president of Art Barcelona, and David Armengol, director of La Capella, will also be present. 

The event will be accompanied by an Aclucalls dance capsule performed by laSADCUM. 

The Aclucalls capsule will help us to further explore some of the characters that make up the work, embodying these traumas and generational frustrations typical of post-Internet society in the form of a saturated dance.

laSADCUM is a dance project launched in Barcelona in 2018.