Concèntric: La Capella / ART Situacions


From 3 October to 5 November 2023


ART Situacions announces its third call for proposals dedicated to emerging art. Consolidated at an international level, this is an important private patronage initiative that constantly fosters artistic creation.

This edition focuses on emerging Spanish and French artists, including a committee of experts formed by María de Corral, Lorena M. de Corral, Chus Martínez and Vicent Todolí. The exhibition ART Situacions III was presented at ARCOmadrid 2023 and is currently at La Capella.

The participating artists are Elena Aitzkoa, Nora Aurrekoetxea, Lucía Bayón, Elsa Brès, Pablo Capitán del Río, Salomé Chatriot, Marie-Luce Nadal, Benoît Piéron, Aleix Plademunt and Yoan Sorin.

The exhibition is part of Concentric, a public programme by La Capella that forges relationships with similar artistic spaces.



ART Situacions aims to promote the visual arts by encouraging production and dissemination dynamics in the form of direct relations with emerging national and international artists, constantly seeking to bring artistic practice to a broader, more diverse audience.

The first edition of ART Situacions was launched in 2011 with a selection of Spanish and Portuguese artists, including a committee of experts formed by Teresa Blanch, María de Corral, Yolanda Romero and Vicent Todolí, with exhibitions at Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid), Domus Artium 2022 (Salamanca) and Museo Extremeño Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (Badajoz).

The 2012 edition brought together artists from Spain and Italy, and its committee was formed by María de Corral, Vicent Todolí, Lorena M. de Corral and Ilaria Gianni. The exhibitions on this occasion were held at Villa Croce (Genoa), Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Matadero Madrid.

From 2017 to 2022, ART Situacions organised its annual ART Situacions Prize as part of ARCOmadrid, awarded to the best emerging artwork at the fair.