Black Tulip

Art i ciència-ficció: estratègies de potencialitat

May, 13, 2013 to January 26, 2014. Research project. BCN Producció'13

Art i ciencia ficció: Estratègies de pontencialitat – BLACK TULIP

Art i ciencia ficció: Estratègies de pontencialitat (Art and Science Fiction: Potentiality Strategies), by Black Tulip, is the project selected in the research category within the framework of BCN Producció 2013 at La Capella.

Members of the Black Tulip group are committed to pseudonymity and the benefits of cooperation, which is open and has no definite form or shape, between artists and thinkers, with everything a group of this nature can contribute to projects that endeavour to go beyond common artistic practices. Their proposals are testament to this broadmindedness (actions, workshops, writings, installations, etc.) and are directed towards processes and research of an experimental and speculative nature.

The project Art i ciencia ficció: Estratègies de pontencialitat is rooted in research instigated by members of Black Tulip in October 2012 and focuses on the potentialities of science fiction. The aim is to explore the tensions generated by this type of representation which, by skipping all the limitations of our present and proposing other subjectivities and ways of life to us, invites us to transcend the multiple crystallisations that occur in our surroundings.

The proposal’s most noteworthy formal aspect entails establishing, throughout its course, a kind of research open to public participation, with film screenings, readings of academic works, novels and comics, as well as workshops and lectures. All the material, experiences and conclusions generated over this period will be recorded on a blog that will remain active from the beginning to the end of the project.

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Art i ciència-ficció: estratègies de potencialitat / Black Tulip