Apocalypse Among Friends or Simply the Day
Julián Pacomio

Apocalypse Among Friends or Simply the Day

Friday 24 September, 2021, at 6 am

For a long time we’ve been going to bed early. We are people of the day, night is someone else’s business. We wait for the apocalypse together, all of us, here. At some point, the familiar, the intimate, will become unsettling, and the end will come peacefully, so kind. Something dark will emerge to the surface incriminating life, and nothing will be the same; memories, those of passed times, will no longer matter; only the strongest ones will, that is, those of now. We will never be contemporary again and only daylight will remain, as simple as that.


[...] it is that this makes no sense but the rest makes no sense but the rest is death.


Limited capacity

Prior registration is required at: lacapella@bcn.cat



Creation: Julián Pacomio

Performers: Sara Vieira Marques, Marina Dubia, Víctor Colmenero Mir, Nina Botkay, Ángela Millano, Luis Moreno Zamorano and Matilde Amigo.

Lighting: Santiago Rodríguez Tricot

Sound: Borja Caro

Accompaniment: Alexandra Laudo

Acknowledgments: Alina Ruiz Folini, Iván Haidar, Daniel Pizamiglio, Ignacio de Antonio Antón, Leire Aranberri, Carolina Campos, Luz Broto, Óscar Dasí, Núria Gómez Gabriel, Adaline Anobile, João Dos Santos Martins and Alicia Carrera.


Barcelona Producció. Centre d'Art La Capella. Acció en viu

Arts residency. Graner. Creation Centre for Dance and Live Art. Barcelona

Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació. Barcelona

Aid to Visual Artists of Extremadura. Production

O Rumo do Fumo. Arts residency. Lisbon

PACAP # 4. Forum Dança. Arts residency. Lisbon

ARAR. La Caldera. Barcelona


Julián Pacomio. Artist, performer and curator. He explores the idea of copying, remaking, translating and appropriating other people’s material in his stage projects. Since 2018, he has been collaborating with choreographer Ángela Millano (Spain) in the research project Asleep Images, which includes the pieces Make It, Don’t Fake It (2019) and PSYCHO (2020). He has worked with choreographers such as João Fiadeiro (Portugal), Carolina Campos (Brazil), Luis Garay (Columbia), Daniel Pizamiglio (Brazil-Portugal) and Annika Pannitto (Italy), among others. In 2020, he curated NO NO NO SOLO SOLO NO, a series of performances for INJUVE’s Sala Amadís (Madrid), and is preparing the exhibition Contemplate an Unstable Surface, winner of the Inèdits 2021 competition at La Casa Encendida, alongside Ignacio de Antonio Antón (Spain).

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