A la deriva. Contranarratives emocionals de la immigració
Ricardo Cárdenas

Adrift. Emotional Counter-Narratives of Immigration

Off-site project

Sound project in the form of a radio series that explores the importance of the subjective account and the emotional states of those who move from their place of origin.

A polyphony of stories and identities that make up and run through the diverse migrant community in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The conflictive Mediterranean waters and the Catalan capital are the narrative thread of a real fabric of individual and shared experiences, an archive of sentiments and a box of tools and knowledge that filter into the public space through the municipal public announcement loudspeakers on Barcelona’s beaches.


Ricardo Cárdenas (Mexico City). An undisciplined artist, Cárdenas focuses his research on poetic resignification in political ambits, in contexts and specific communities in a state of tension.

His projects seek to resignify codes of language and forms of communication, questioning their use as systems of power and shifting them towards different possibilities capable of articulating the (re)construction of other subjectivities and forms of political imagination.

He graduated in the visual arts from the UNAM National School of Arts and from the SOMA Educational Programme in Mexico. He has also followed the MACBA Independent Studies Programme.

Since 2019, he has been contributing to the Ràdio Web MACBA Working Group.


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